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what is meant by de bouncing effect?
Switch debouncing is one of

Switch debouncing is one of those things you generally have to live with when playing with switches and digital circuits.
Switch bounce or contact bounce or even called as chatter is a common problem associated with mechanical switches and relays. Switch, relay contacts are made up of spring metals which are forced to contact each other by an actuator. While they collide each other there is a possibility of rebounding for some time before they make a stable contact. It’s similar to case of dropping a bouncing ball or basketball. The ball keeps on bouncing till it comes to rest. This case can be taken analogous to on/off of a switch. When the ball touches the ground analogous to on and when it rises to certain level analogous to off of a switch. As a result of this effect there will be on/off transitions generated as the contacts rapidly open and close. Feeding the signal into a logic gate or a microcontroller sends multiple key press signals which is not what you want.