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How I can connect Stm32f4 discovery to PC. Please tell me.

HI guys.
Because I'm a korea student. My syntax doesn't right.
Go to the point...
I wonder how i connect STM32F4 to PC.
I found CDC method. But I don't understand in my knowledge..
So, i wanna step to step guide..
Please tell me what i do for this.
Thank you for your answer.

Hi khy0419

Hi khy0419

You can directly connect the board to the computer using a usb cable. and the computer will detect it. And for programming install atollic truestudio and you will be do the programming easily.
not sure what PC configuration you are using!! But after watching the tutorials of this website i directly connected the board to computer and it worked. i am using windows 7 64 bit. are you using any other operating system ?

Thank you

Thank you for reply. But I have used Keil or Iar compilers. So, I don't know configuration using the atollic compiler..
You say that you connected the board to computer using the usb cable... That is not my intention.
I also watch these guide tutorial...And I want to connect PC to the board using the CDC usb interface(VCP:Vitual comport)...
I have made the oscilloscope. So i want to send date(acquired from ADC) to PC.
Thank you for your help.