Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no link provided at the website to download the free or paid video tutorials. You can watch the videos on the website. You can also watch the free video tutorials in our Youtube channel.

Please check if you have followed all the steps properly that were shown on the tutorials. Also check if the electronic components you were using are the same model that were used in the tutorial. If still not working then you can post your query on our Youtube Channel or you can even email your queries to

You can submit your suggestion at the contact us page and we will be very pleased to hear your suggestion.

You can get all datasheets that were shown on the video tutorials at our download page. 

You can easily get them on your local electronic store. You can also get them online at EBay / Aliexpress.

If you have any query related to our free tutorials, then you can post your query in the comment section of our Youtube Channel. We will answer your questions there so that all other users can also see the answers and what discussion is going on. And anyone can also participate in the discussion.

Yes, all videos in this website has subtitles. All the paid video tutorials also has subtitles.
Note : All subtitles are in English language only.

Once a transaction is done, It will take minimum 30 mins upto 1 hour to process your order. After that you will get access to paid videos. For any issue, you can reach us using the Contact Us page.

Once you have purchased a video tutorial series, you will have access to the paid videos for next 6 Months.
After 6 months your access to the paid videos will be removed.

After you have purchased a tutorial series, you will get a “My Products” link on the main menu on top. Hover over that link and you will get to see all links of tutorials for which you have paid. If you are facing any issue to see the paid tutorials then you can get in touch with us by using the contact us page. After you submit your query at the contact us page, we will quickly get back to you and resolve your problem.

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