STM32F4Discovery Basic Tutorials

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 1 – Introduction

This is the first video tutorial on the stm32f4discovery video tutorial series. In this tutorial we will get an introduction about this tutorial series of STM32F4Discovery board. We will understand what exactly a microcontroller is. By definition we all know about this. But here we will actually see a microcontroller and how it works. We will understand about the ARM architecture. We will understand what is meant by ARM cortex. What are the types of Cortex microcontrollers. How are they different with each other.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 2 – Getting Started

This is the second tutorial on the video tutorial series on stm32f4discovery board. In this tutorial we will get an in depth knowledge about the technical things of embedded programming. We will understand what is meant by datasheet. If you had any prior experience with electronic components then you must have heard about this term. So will look into datasheets of this discovery board. What are the datasheets we have? What kind of information we get from each datasheet? How to look for information in the datasheets? This all we will understand in this tutorial.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 3 – Libraries

This is the third video on the video tutorial series on stm32f4discovery board. In this tutorial we will learn about libraries. What is a library? What are the benefits to use a library? How to use library. We will understand the line by line program we have written in the previous tutorial. And how we have used the st library.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 4 – Clock Frequency

This is the fourth video tutorial on the tutorial series on stm32f4discovery board. In this tutorial we will understand about clock frequency. We will learn what is meant by clock frequency. How clock frequency is related to speed of microcontroller. What are crystal oscillators. How program execution speed depends on clock frequency. We will then see what is the current speed of our stm32f4discovery board. How we can change that speed. Then finally we will modify the code written in previous tutorial and learn how to write code for selecting a particular clock frequency.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 5 – Leds Blinking

In this tutorial we will learn how we can connect external electronic components to discovery board. Till now we have written programs that only work on leds present on the discovery board itself. But now we will connect external components with the help of breadboard. We will learn how to work with breadboards. We will then connect external leds to the discovery board using wires and breadboard. And then we will write program to make them blink in a particular pattern.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 6 – Switch part 1

In this tutorial we will learn about how you can connect switches to the discovery board. Till now we have learned about the output mode of microcontroller pins. But in this tutorial we will now learn about the input mode of microcontroller pins. How you can configure the gpio pins and connect them to switch so that we can control program execution by just pressing a switch.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 7 – Switch part 2

This is the second part of the previous tutorial. In this tutorial we will be actually writing the code. We have already setup the circuit in the previous tutorial. So in this we will directly start with writing the code for working with switch. We will make program in such a way that we will be controlling the leds with the switch. In this tutorial we will also learn about a new term called de bouncing effect. And how we can solve that problem with the help of few lines of code. All this we will learn in this tutorial.

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