STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 1 - Introduction

This is the first video tutorial on the stm32f4discovery video tutorial series. In this tutorial we will get an introduction about this tutorial series of STM32F4Discovery board. We will understand what exactly a microcontroller is. By definition we all know about this. But here we will actually see a microcontroller and how it works. We will understand about the ARM architecture. We will understand what is meant by ARM cortex. What are the types of Cortex microcontrollers? How are they different with each other?

After this we will then directly get an introduction on the STM32F4discovery board. This tutorial series is based on this board. So we will understand what exactly is in the board. Then we will go through what other components you will be needed for this tutorial series so that you on your own can also follow the things we do in the videos.

Then we will go through the softwares we will be needed for this whole tutorial series. And then finally we will run a demo code on the discovery board.

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