STM32F4Discovery Interrupts Tutorials

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 1 – Interrupt Introduction

This is the first tutorial on the interrupt series of tutorials on stm32f4discovery board. In this tutorial we will learn about interrupts. We will get to know what is meant by interrupts. How interrupt process works. Why to use interrupt. What benefits you will get if you use interrupt driven approach. After that we will start creating a circuit with stm32f4discovery board, breadboard, leds, switch and connecting wires. We will build this circuit for understanding and practically seeing how interrupt works in microcontroller world.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 2 – Interrupt Programming

In this tutorial we will learn how to program interrupts in the stm32f4discovery board. We will write code for the circuit that we built in the previous tutorial. We will write code for configuring the interrupt of the microcontroller in the stm32f4discovery board and then will execute it. Hence this tutorial will be a kind of practically seeing the interrupt process working on our built circuit.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 3 – Interrupt Types and Priority

In this tutorial we will go a step further into the interrupt process. Till now we were just learning about the external interrupt. But now we will see what other types of interrupts are available in the stm32f4discovery board. Then we will learn about a new concept called interrupt priority. We will understand how interrupt priority works. Then finally we will write program to understand how interrupt priority actually works in the microcontroller. How you can program interrupt priorities in the code.

STM32F4Discovery Tutorial 4 – Motion Sensor

We have learned about interrupts and types of interrupts available on the stm32f4discovery board. We have learned about interrupt priorities and also we have created a program also to see how interrupt and interrupt priorities actually work in reality. So In this tutorial we will create a very cool product called motion sensor detection. The product will detect human motion. And when it detects any motion it will respond with something.

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